Solutions. Service. Value.

dbm horizons is a boutique legal, tax and advisory firm. We work as trusted advisers to businesses and their owners, or with their existing advisers, to provide solutions, the best service but most importantly excellent value. We partner with our clients through all stages of the business life-cycle; start-up, expansion, capital raising, tax audits, exits and retirement. We are a highly experienced team using our experience in big Law and Accounting firms as well as in Commerce to provide practical and value adding solutions under our multidisciplinary banners:

dbm horizons is an incorporated legal practice, a chartered accounting firm and also a registered tax agent which makes us uniquely placed to provide the full complement of services to our clients and their advisers. As a boutique and multi-disciplinary firm, we apply a holistic approach to our client’s advisory needs delivering a seamless service while guaranteeing direct access to the principals of the firm.

Practice Areas

Tax Advisory & Structuring

Tax is invariably the biggest cost in any business and an essential consideration when structuring or acquiring a new business, reorganising a current business or when it’s time to exit the business.

Tax Disputes

At some point in the lifecycle of your business, a tax dispute with the ATO or the OSR may occur. Navigating tax disputes can be like sailing in unchartered waters and that’s when you need an expert to guide you through.

Trust Solutions

Trusts have been and continue to remain a key vehicle for structuring family businesses. However, ever evolving taxation laws, family and succession issues and business conditions and cycles can inadvertently turn this flexible and effective structure into a tax and legal minefield.

Family Succession & Estate Planning

A sound Family Succession and Estate Plan ensures that your wealth is protected and preserved for the next generation and guards from your family from the impacts of mental health, age and sudden accidents.

Business Succession & Exits

Nothing lasts forever. Nor do you want it too. When it is time to move on either through passing the business on to the next generation, involving key employees or selling the business, we will ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes.

Tax training

Tax is one of the most certain things in life. The next most certain thing is that tax is constantly changing. As a tax or legal adviser, we can help you and your staff stay up to date.

GST & state taxes

Taxes such as GST and stamp duty can make or break a transaction. Getting the right advice during negotiations will ensure the best outcomes and no unexpected surprises.

Legal Documentation

Whether it is part of a transaction or a restructure, legal documents are an essential part of the process.

Employment taxes &
employee equity

The most valuable asset of any successful business are people – they can also be the most challenging to manage.

Professional services business advisory

While you are focussing on providing the best services and solutions to your client’s business, who is looking after yours?

M&A Transaction Support

Another key focus and area of expertise for dbm horizons is being involved in M&A Transactions.

Outsourced CFO

Not all businesses need a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Knowing you have access to expertise when you really need it can provide peace of mind.