Business succession and exits

Nothing lasts forever. Nor do you want it too. When it is time to move on either through passing the business on to the next generation, involving key employees or selling the business, we will ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes.

We recognise that for many SME business owners their business value is also their superannuation for retirement which means that maximising the value from a sale or transition is critical to their future quality of life.

Planning for the business exit does not start when you decide to move on – it should be occurring throughout the entire business life-cycle. This includes ensuring everything you do is maximising value on exit.

  • Establishing the best operating and corporate structure for exit including options for restructuring
  • Consideration of all options for exit
  • Setting up and preparing for a share sale rather than a business sale
  • Early planning and action to “clean out” non-business assets
  • Involving employees through employee share and option scheme arrangements
  • Financial record keeping and reporting
  • Identification of and adjustment for “non-arm’s” length dealings such as below market salaries or “peppercorn” rents and personal use assets
  • Ensuring appropriate legal entitlement to the assets or “rights” that generate the value
  • Preparing for and managing a buyer “due diligence”
  • Family and business succession planning
  • Small business CGT concessions and rollovers