Outsourced tax partner

Our outsourced tax partner service is just like having a specialist tax partner in the office down the hall. It gives you piece of mind knowing you’ll always get it right.

David Marschke is passionate about Tax. This means it is pretty much all he does (professionally that is) and it also means he knows how complex tax is and how difficult and risky it can be for accountants and business advisers, who play the trusted adviser role, to get it right.

Our outsourced tax partner service has resulted from significant feedback from advisers needing someone to:

  • bounce that strategy off
  • help me find additional value adding solutions for my client
  • check that I am not missing anything
  • help me retain my best clients by 4-eyeing the hard stuff
  • help me handle this ATO review
  • OR consistent with our firm’s name, help me to see the horizon clearly

The overriding philosophy behind the outsourced tax partner service is that your client relationship as their trusted adviser is sacred. Our role is to collaborate with you to strengthen that relationship.

David’s extensive tax advisory expertise coupled with real world commercial experience allows him to provide commercially relevant and viable answers and solutions (and at the same time mitigating risk). He knows that quoting a section or case name is not a real answer or solution.

In addition to being a legal practitioner, David is a Chartered Accountant, so he knows that if you cannot read the financial statements or understand the numbers then you are not understanding the complete picture.

You can use our service on an ad-hoc basis or sign up to our value for money subscription service.

Contact us on for our latest pricing schedule.