Trust solutions

Trusts have been and continue to remain a key vehicle for structuring family businesses. However, ever evolving taxation laws, family and succession issues and business conditions and cycles can inadvertently turn this flexible and effective structure into a tax and legal minefield.

Trusts are highly specialised legal entities and at times they require specialised legal care and attention. We are specialists in:

  • Reviewing and updating trust deeds
  • Preparing specialised resolutions to optimise tax outcomes for business transactions and events in accordance with the trust deed
  • The complexities of the small business CGT concessions applying to trusts
  • Vesting risks and the CGT and income tax implications
  • The specialised duty rules applying to trusts
  • The risks of breaching trustee powers and the potential to invalidate distributions and transactions

Sometimes trusts outgrow their usefulness.  We have significant expertise in:

  • Restructuring and “corporatising” trusts and their business
  • Using CGT rollovers
  • Vesting trusts